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Artic hosts is the best web hosting service If you’re considering a web hosting service, you’re probably likely going to be a little frustrated when trying to select your first service provider. 
You will probably face a number of words you do not know- without that knowledge, it will prove daunting trying to choose the correct plan.
A lot of web hosting companies unfortunately assume that you are more or less familiar with the terms for the field. The best service providers such as Artic hosts actually offer thorough documentation to help you get started the only issue is that a limited number of people find the time to read these instructions. You require a brief guide to understand the fundamentals, and surely you may learn how things work as you move along.
Let us tackle the core of what hosting actually is and why hosting is necessary. We will then show you how 21 web hosting terminologies you will definitely have to know.
What is web hosting? 
A web host basically allows you to show your website to anyone who has access to the internet.
In hosting you pay someone to keep your website files on their server, their server which keeps your website online. You will usually be billed on a monthly basis.
Did you know that you do not actually need a web host to keep your website alive, you can use any computer connected to the internet. However, this process is complicated, and web hosting providers such as Artic Hosts make use of powerful machines to provide better performance for your users and stronger online security
Our hosting packages are charged differently from other hosts.
Hosts offer varying traits such as higher performance. The level of performance your web host provides definitely determines how well your visitors experience your website, and also how well your visitor’s established connection is to the internet.
We must emphasize the importance of security: you want a host who will keep your files secure and your visitors who take risks to be on your website.
Some hosting terms worth knowing
Basic Hosting Terms
Our domain registration window.
Without a domain, no one would be able to find your website.
If you’ve never used a web hosting service before, this section is for you. These terms will give you a basic grasp of how hosting works, so you won’t be caught unawares:
These computers are usually always online, these computers are designed to host websites and web applications that visitors or users can access with their devices such as their laptops and mobile devices.
The domain name is what the user types into their URL to find the website and to gain access to them via their web browsers, for instance our domain is
Top-Level Domains OpenVZ VPS Hosting 
These are the end letters that appear after the dot at the end of the domain name, for example .com or
This subdomain allows you to set up multiple sites under one domain name. For example:, where blog is the subdomain.
Content Management Systems
These are software’s that are used to create and manage websites and content.  For example: WordPress and Visual Web Developer. 
The restriction set on how much data you can send around or receive.
You will one way or another encounter these definitions listed above, we recommend you make sure that you understand that well enough. 
Thank you for reading, and we at the Artic team look forward to hearing from you.