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Spirituality is the application of a conscious attempt to take care of the human spirit, and soul. Dr Spells a spiritual healer in Gauteng, has researched and encouraged the practice of Spirituality in all aspects of life. Spirituality is often ignored in a society that emphasizes the use of science over spirituality. The spirit is very important and must never be ignored. 
Dr Spells is the best spiritualist in Gauteng, we have in depth knowledge of the spirit and we can help you become perfect by helping your spirit. There is more to this world! This world has energies that surround it and some cultures have named it Ki, Vril and many other terms. Dr Spells has mastered the techniques of spirituality fortunately be it marriage, employment, a job promotion, a lost lover and many more, just come to us.
Is it ethical? 
Many will ask if it is ethical to influence the spiritual lives of others, for example if you want an ex fiancé back into your life, we will successfully bring them back, so have we unfairly affected that persons’ life? No, we have not unfairly affected the ex-lovers life, we only influence the person to accept what is in their hearts and they truly return because they really wanted to, they were just afraid to admit it before and now we have given them the courage to return.
Spirituality in the modern age
Has spirituality been lost forever in this modern society? Everybody seems to be focused on technology and everyone does business with the push of a button, but they never take care of their spiritual health-their souls and so it is no wonder that so many people are falling ill! We as the human race have to be able to design our lives around a better soul nourishing space. Did you know that the power of the individual is about as effective as their spiritual tank? Developers of the latest smart phones and the most beautiful cars apply spiritual thinking to their science in order to invent a product that talks to the human soul. You can apply these spiritual strengths to yourself so that you can be a mega business who develops the most beautiful products. 
Who can maintain their spirituality?
Any person who believes that there is a force that governs the universe is able to master at their spirituality, an atheist is also capable of mastering their spirit but it requires more effort than somebody who already believes in a higher being because the atheist tends to follow only what they see and can prove, quite frankly the opposite of what spirituality is about.
How do you maintain your spirituality?  
You have to remain calm in all things that you do and you must try to stay away from activities that pull you away from your own desires or influence you to neglect yourself. Dr Spells teaches you how to recognize the things in your life that are possibly pulling you away from your true purpose. The thing that you must all realize and that Dr Spells teaches is that we are not the same as human beings, and every human has a unique spiritual path and destiny so with hat said-no two people can have the exact same path, not unless they are soul mates, we will get into this topic next.
Soul Mates
Your spiritual partner or soul mate is the person you are destined to interact with in life and learn a lesson from, a lesson which you agreed to fulfill when you made a spiritual contract with the person in the previous life. Contrary to popular belief, a soul mate is not limited to coming in the form of a partner. Dr Spells helps you find your soul mate, because we know the importance of this person in your life.  A soulmate triggers your soul and you fall in love with one another because you previously knew one another.
 Soul Ties are an interesting group, these are souls that engage your spiritual nature by growing your spirit using challenges, your enemies, rivals, and some of your ex’s fall under this category. These are people you agreed with to challenge you on Earth in order to help you realize your full potential. 
Spirituality: A shield against all evils
A good spirit is like a good antivirus which helps you fight of witchcraft, break curses, heal, destroy your enemy’s plans, and defend against the evil eye. You do not have to endure anymore suffering, you must start today by fixing your soul. 
How to win
Contact an authorized and highly qualified Dr from where you are, right now! Dr Spells is the only solution to fix your problems, the devil is afraid of Dr Spells, get in touch now, be a spiritual master.