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Women have come a long way from being slaves of the olden system to being allowed to voice their opinions now and to be featured on Women Issued. Women are still hoping for more women’s rights and they feel deprived of the same benefits that men naturally obtain.
In today’s modern era women seek gender equality and women’s empowerment. Women seek relationships, parties, lifestyle, cosmetics and more. If you think about it carefully you should come to the conclusion that women are highly “want” oriented or “receive/’ oriented. Are you beginning to see the bigger picture? Men tend to want to work hard and accumulate resources to pass this on to their parents or to their children or loved ones, or in some cases their girlfriends. Very few women want to accumulate assets and give it all away. This is not necessarily a bad thing at all in-fact this has a lot to do with biology: consider that sometime during mankind’s evolution the males hunted for game, and gave the kill to their families, while the women would nurture the creative development of their children and receive a lot of protection and resources in exchange. Perhaps women could use this to their advantage: relax and receive more, and let men provide more. It may sound like a counter intuitive response at first but let us assure you that WomenIssued is a women’s brand that empowers women, encourages women’s beliefs and features women’s interests. We say girl let him take care of you, so you can take care of your dreams!
Your appearance 
As a woman you should appear as what you want to be, if you dream of one day being successful and happy then start living that today, be successful! Be happy! Be fulfilled! When you start living according to your own needs and wants you begin to achieve a style that no one else owns-this is your style. Apart from the emotional aspect of it, a woman must look good! WomenIssued is the women’s fashion advisor in Gauteng to get to know, we have you covered with the latest international trends and fashion do’s and dont’s. 
Emotional Intelligence
WomenIssued’s ultimate woman of today’s society must be able to process emotional input and return an equally balanced emotional reaction. Unfortunately too many women want to listen to reply or to make assumptions and we believe that women are worth more than that – so let us see a society of emotionally intelligent WomenIssued type women out there. Emotionally intelligent women want to understand the reason why someone behaves a certain way and this grants them a maturity and an attractiveness uncommon in the average woman.
Personal Hygiene
There are few things that put off your man, your boss, or your pets! Than having an unhyiegenic body, this is bad on the nose and on the psychological score that someone evaluating you may perceive. It is important for you to keep your body clean because there are health risks involved if this area is leaft unchecked. Brush your teeth three times a day, and take a bath or shower three times a day. Keeping your body clean will have a positive impact on your skin and eyes in the long run, you will start to see noticeable changes to your physical being, and people will start telling you that you are looking more radiant, isn’t that what you want? WomenIssued definitely wants to see you radiate and smile genuinely. 
WomenIssued encourages women to strive for positions that best suit your personality, as there is absolutely no purpose in slaving away at a job that does not serve your interests in any way, as the old adage says “ do what you love” it’s better this way and it will save you tons of your time. If you are already in a position in a company which you like, why not take the time to help out your fellow sisters? Simply take their cv, hand it to your boss and advertise your friend to the best of your abilities, you stand absolutely nothing to lose and if your company decides not to hire immediately then they will call back your person in due time and you will have done your part women issues
Remember that all great persons are in power because they have managed to build a reputation ladies so protect yours now, start now before it’s too late, and subscribe to WomenIssued for more enlightening , glamorous articles such as this!