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What do I, a lover of horror and all things scary, love about the internet? I enjoy the idea of being able to watch anything related to horror anytime I want, when I want. And with new content being put out all the time, I knew that I could get my horror fix when I chose to. One of the horror sites that I was turned on to was a site called The Dark Hours.
The Dead Hours is a webseries that has taken a cue from other popular and classic series like The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, and has done a good job at it. The Dead Hours series was created by Daniel B. Iske & Scott Coleman. Each episode has about fifteen minutes in length, and the recently completed first season lasts for five episodes. Every episodes starts out like a radio program, giving you are good starting point for that episodes.
After watching season one of The Dead Hours webseries, I felt satisfied with the stories that was presented to me. Some might say that a fifteen minute film can't be all that great because it's not long enough to tell an in depth story, but in this case, each episode did just fine. What I enjoyed about these episodic films was the fact that they were about 15 to 20 minutes long original web series.
When I'm in front of my computer and I want to watch something entertaining, like a movie, I hate sitting there for an hour and a half while the movie is playing. I'll watch the movie on tv or on my dvd or blu-ray while I sit on the couch. The episodes presented on The Dead Hours site are what I like to call bite sized stories that I can watch, and enjoy without having to sit there for over an hour in my chair, all while sitting at my computer.
I have always loved reading short horror story collections, and this is what makes the Dead Hours series great. They're short stories that I can sit through and finish up a story, and come back to it later. In the end, I would love to see more of this series in the future. Forget just season two, I wouldn't mind seeing this become season three or four.
One point of good news, production on season two is being planned on starting within the next couple of months.