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If you are a female traveler then backpacking will be one of the great experiences of your life, but before left home, there are some things you need to pack as a female traveler. When setting off on your trip, you need to do a lot of research to explore tips about backpacking and ask your travel partner at great lengths regarding what to expect, what to prepare yourself for, and what to bring.
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On the other hand, most of the guides I read on Google was written by male backpackers. There are some things I’ve learned on the way that are just related to female backpackers and I wish females should know about the things to pack before leaving their home. So, that’s why I make a decision to write them all down in this easy little guide. I really hope that all the tips I mention below will help all you gals as you find out and get our huge lovely world. Have a safe journey, and see you on the way!
If it’s your first time backpacking, or require a reminder on the basics, be sure to read our article. Below are my best travel tips that will definitely help female backpackers!
Hiking Gear & Camping:
Ensure you pack comfortably, you have a quality pad and sleeping bag, you know how to set up your tent, and you know how your water filter and cooktop work. In addition to, note that there are particular female options for sleeping bags and backpacks that can give better performance and an extra comfy fit than men’s styles.
Hicking Gear
Shoe clothing
Shoes & Clothing
Ensure you have clothing suitable for your destination and for the climate. For females, fast-drying underwear is of specific note because it aids you to avoid urinary tract and yeast infections. In addition to, be sure your feet and shoes are pretty comfortable.
Hygiene Items
Besides, basics like personal wipes as well as hand sanitizer, female do have a few particular gear considerations for hygiene.
Safety Items
Safety Signal: This can be a deterrent to both humans and animals as well as a way to call for any type of help.
Bear Spray: This might come in handy for bear attacks.
If you are a kind of girl who wants to travel alone or to extremely faraway locations, you could as well consider taking a PLB (personal locator beacon) with satellite messaging so once a day you may deliver a text(or at an already established time and date) and if anything serious occurs you can send an SOS. In addition to, while you go, always leave your full travel program with the person you trust.
Don’t Skirt Around
Every girl love dresses! If you pick the accurate kind of clothes (keep away from wool and denim), they roll down pretty small. Ideal fora party night, snapshots, Instagram images and hot days! In addition to perfect for a road journey packing list as they are so useful.
1x playsuit (navy)
1 x fancy summer dress(black)
1 x yellow (one of the favourite colour)
1 x black wrap – around
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Injured or Getting Lost
Take a compass, GPS and a detailed topo map and know how to make use of them to avoid getting lost. If you don’t know how to use compass and topo maps you can search on Google for the articles. On a far away way, know early where your “escape” roads are to civilization if you get injured or sick and require to cut your trek little. There are possibilities, if you’re on a well-travelled path, anyone will stop to aid.